Stanford Social Media Lab research is supported by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, the Knight Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.


The Stanford Social Media Lab is working on a large-scale meta-analysis to understand what is the effect of social media use and well-being across the literature, as well as understand how the effect differs across methodologies, platform of study, and social  media behavior.

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Disclosure to conversational agents

Disclosure, or revealing personal information about oneself, has been found to lead to a wide range of benefits, including increased psychological and physical health. Currently, we are investigating what occurs when disclosing in such a way to a form of technology, rather than to another person.

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Technology’s role in mental health crisis recognition and intervention

Technology plays a prominent role in how people access and understand their own health. The Social media lab conducts studies on the role of conversational agents in recognizing and responding to health crises such as self harm or sexual violence.

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