Decepticon 2017 was held from August 21st to 23rd in Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners in the detection and prevention of deception.

The scientific committee has members covering domains such as:

  • Psychology (e.g., forensic, social, cognitive, neuro, evolutionary, developmental, marketing/consumer)
  • Behavioral economics (e.g., preventing and deterring deception, deception in companies)
  • Law (e.g., police interviewing, polygraph use, malingering, deception in court)
  • Computing (e.g., using technology to detect deceit, machine learning)
  • Security (e.g., fraud, cybercrime, border control, lying about intentions)
  • Communication (e.g., interactional dynamics, verbal and nonverbal cues to deceit)
  • Anthropology (e.g., cultural differences in both the acceptability of deceit and the display of cues)
  • Philosophy (e.g., self-deception, what is and is not deception)
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