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The What I Wish I Knew project is part of the Stanford Social Media Lab's Adolescents and Well-being Initiative. Our mission is to present the voices of young people and parents as they share what they wish they had known about social media before joining. We encourage the youth and adults to reflect on their early experiences with social media, fostering a deeper understanding and intentional use of social media platforms. By doing so, we hope to highlight social media's role in our lives as a powerful tool that can be used for both negative and positive experiences and empower adolescents and families.

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We interviewed students across US campuses and collected over 500 responses through surveys. If you would like to contribute and share your insights as a young person on social media, please fill out our survey to participate. If you are or were a caregiver of someone who joined social media during their adolescence, please fill out our parent survey. 

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Stay updated and join the discussion! We share stories in various formats, including written posts and videos. 


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