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Social Media's Role

People can agree on many things when it comes to the issues of adolescence, well-being, and social media. But, when it comes to the questions parents care most about, whether social media harms adolescents and, if so, what to do about it, there is a lack of consensus. There are more questions than answers or actionable solutions. The Stanford Adolescents and Social Media Initiative aims to bridge this critical gap. Our goal is to support parents with the resources they need to guide their children through the challenges of the digital age.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Our approach involves identifying and evaluating practical strategies that families can use to ensure adolescents not only stay safe online but also thrive. By bringing together academics, practitioners, and policymakers, we aim to enrich the dialogue on fostering positive online experiences for young people.

Centering on Parents and Adolescents

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to illuminate the everyday realities and struggles that families face. We believe that every narrative, including yours, is essential to our collective understanding and efforts. If you're willing to share your experiences or insights, please contact us at  and Join us in shaping a safer, healthier digital environment for our youth.